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Sciensol is a company registered in England that provides pharmaceutical consultancy service. The consultancy services we offer include product quality to laboratories involved in quality control (QC) of drugs and, drug control and regulatory officers. We advise and help our clients not only in their establishment of a new laboratory but also in upgrading the existing laboratory to a level of accreditation and winning certificate of International Standard. Our team of consultants is also composed of qualified experts in training of pharmaceutical  personnel in Quality Management System (QMS), Good Distribution Practice (GDP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management. Our bespoke pharma training programs are short courses in pharmaceutical quality system, supply chain management and leadership training for pharmacy professionals. These are delivered either in our training venues or in-house, at the site of the client, depending on the preference of our clients. Online virtual training is also an area that we have recently introduced in our training package, in which live or recorded e-learning webinars are part of the program. Our short training courses are ideal for individuals who would like their career to progress to a higher level and organizations wanting to improve the quality and efficiency of their staff performance.

We also conduct laboratory tests on specific products, that require specialized analytical techniques, to help our clients confirm their conclusion especially when dealing with products of inferior quality. We can also help our clients in their planning for a national quality control survey, training of personnel in the techniques and methods of drug analyses, writing report with recommendations for intervention in maintaining the quality of pharmaceuticals in the country. Our service also extends to supporting clients in their selection, operation, calibration and maintenance of laboratory equipment used in QC laboratories, national research centres and educational institutions.

The other area that our experts are involved in is public nutrition. In this area we offer services in conducting national or local malnutrition surveys from start to end. We design, implement, monitor, analyse the collected data and report the findings of the survey. We will present our findings and submit our conclusion and recommendations for intervention if need be. Based on the needs of our clients we can also help them in the establishment of a general nutrition or specialized micro-nutrients laboratory, train personnel in the different techniques and methods of nutritional analyses within the laboratory or out in the fields. Our service in national nutritional survey include writing project proposal, conducting advocacy work, project implementation, monitoring, data collection and analysis and , writing and presenting report with recommendations.

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